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Working With YoueCommerce is the fastest growing form of sales for a number of reasons; mostly of all because when working in eCommerce everyone is on the same level. No need for a large storefront or plenty of open parking spaces, the only requirement is a usable and reliable website that allows users to take control of their shopping experience.

In the world of eCommerce, the consumer is king. By providing them with an easy and pleasant experience on your site you are giving them the same experience as casually browsing the aisles of a luxurious department store.

From Click to Ship offers more than a handful of to seamlessly slide into place for any existing eCommerce outlets. For those still looking to break into the field, From Click to Ship also offers eCommerce construction as part of their web development programs, or as a stand-alone feature.

Web Development

shutterstock_123276841A detailed and planned out website is a critical element to any advancement into eCommerce. Going beyond the storefront, a business must cater to all of their digital consumers. From Click to Ship offers inclusive web development services designed around a stable eCommerce platform.

Starting with a solid background, your website will provide consumers with answers to their common questions or concerns, such as your operating hours, location, and what services you provide. Organization of this website is determined by your individual needs and the needs of your major markets.

Included in each website is custom content tailored to your needs. For those with interest in keeping up with current events, blogs can be added to show visitors your professional opinion on matters related to your field.

Through your eCommerce portion of the site, customers can browse your wares and purchase them as they please. Through the purchasing process they are prompted for payment through one of From Click to Ship’s secure compatible methods and can choose how they would like their package shipped.

Shipping information is also provided through the site and provides owner and consumer alike with required information to ensure a timely delivery. Updates can be made and sent directly to your phone for from their process through the warehouse, out the door, and and into your consumers hands.

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