Warehousing & Fulfillment

shutterstock_130144946Warehouse Management

Properly manage your inventory with From Click to Ship’s warehouse and database management. Through From Click to Ship’s optimized solutions, storage and maintenance of inventory are no longer a hassle. All stock is managed directly by you through the use of From Click to Ship facilities.

Keeping track of inventory has never been more easy than with the From Click to Ship inventory management software. All of your records are accessible on the cloud by using your secure credentials.

All software requires minimal training and is implemented for use within hours. Included in the inventory software management is database management to further your organizational options.


Shipping and Fulfillment

Take advantage of the age through From Click to Ship’s shipping and fulfillment opportunities. Track your packages from their shelf in the warehouse to the consumers hand with real-time updates sent directly to your phone through SMS messaging.

The process allows your warehouse management software to be updated whenever a customer makes a purchase. This informs the warehouse where it is located, packed, and shipped through the consumers desired method.

Tracking information is supplied to both you and consumer to take the order fulfillment duties out of your hands allowing more focus on the core business.

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